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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Enough with you sayang.

i do love u
i do miss u
i dont want u anymore !

 enough with all ur love
just go away from me
stop hurts me
stop said that u love me
stop said that u miss me as ur gf
i cant stand this anymore
i need u ):
but i cant get close to u anymore

i cant lie anymore
i dont need u
i dont love u
i dont miss u
yes i'm a liar
as i really love miss need u
all the time.

give me some strength to forget u
give me some strength to remove u from my mind
please give me some strength 
not loving u 
not yearn u 
not need u at all.

i swear
now i cant take it
knowing somebody's got my papa
and now you ain't  around,
papa i cant think.
my lover, my sweetie, my kiddie, my hubby
he went away
i knoe i cant get him back.

no phone, message, yet ur pic
either with me or not
done delete.
forgive me but all of them make me want u back in my live
i'm not strong enough
to be friends with u.
i was thinking bout her
thinking bout u
thinking but us
what we gonna be?
open my eyes
it was only just a dream.

just continue ur life with her
i can see ur smile 
pretty smile with her from ur fb
knowing that u really love her
not me anymore.

i  made a decision that i wanted to move one
far away from u
far away from ur love 
ur life.
i knoe that i'm not the one
who u really need (:

deep in my heart.


alyaa :) said...

ell sayangg :)
awakk kuat tauu , studyy rerajin
Alaa ell cantikk mesti ramai lagi org tunggu awakk kan
miss you girl <3

pinqy taraturuu said...

hey hey kawan
no more tears laaa
insyaallah tulang rusuk awak yang hilang tu akan datang..
and i bet he 'll be the best of all :)