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Friday, 27 May 2011

UiTM Dihatiku !

Ell mahasiswi UiTM Shah Alam  (:

lamenye ta update belog y comel nie (:
rindu sesangat okey?
yelaaa dah seminggu ell join
Mingggu Destini Siswa
sgt penat tauk!!

See my room (:

Dearest ell,
please dunt play play
dunt gatal gatal
dunt forget solat
make sure pass every exam
focus on study
be patient in every single difficult
as u're taking
Certified Accounting Technicians (UK)
the hardest coarse in the world!

p/s : Pray for my success okay (:
ILY guys (:

1 comment:

SyAE SyEa said...

ake cre macik..
gdlck :)