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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Soul mate?

you .
you're my soul mate ryte ?
you knoe?
ell taught our story already
suddenly you text ell
and the story began

MR. Z :) Z bru tgok ell pye post.. Emm sdih..
Ell :) Emm egt ta tgk :)
MR. Z :) Emm el.. Z x nfikn Z still syg el.. I hope kte ad jdoh..
Ell :) Emmm tape lahh.. Ell da boleh time y Z bukan tuk ell.. Z jgn la risau psl ell..
MR. Z :) But i'm sad.. Ble tgok 2.. Xpe ell.. Kte dua2 muda lgi.. Ad jdoh xkmne..
Ell :) Em sad sbb simpati kat ell ke? Jujur tau
MR. Z :) Xla.. Sbab syg..
Ell :) Em thx sbb still syg ell lgi

oh God,
ell really dunno what to do now
please .
after all happen to us
maybe we're not belong for each other ryte?
maybe yess
ell really dunno sygs
we're to far apart
very far .
ell dunno if ell can be wif you again
deep in my heart, I WANT IT !
ell knoe dat we're not belong to each other paa .
it just a dream
which both of us can't reach it :(
 " If one day you really become my soul mate,
no matter what happen,
ell will accept you happily :)
if you don't
ell will pray for your happiness. "

p/s :) please give me some strength .

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