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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

OMG result ??

bile tulis tulis entry nie rase tibe tibe jntung bdegup laju dan laju mengalahkan atlet lari pecut tuhhhh *uh mepek plak* emm 
okay my  feeling rite now??
scareddddd !!!
kalah segale stowy mowy hantu kat dnie nieyh !!
okay boleh sye jerit kuat2?

ell takut nak matiiii !!!
if ta dapat straights A camne ??
if ade failed camne ??
if uncle din and aunty ann sedey camne ??
if sume dapat result okey ell jek ta camne ??
if ellngesh kecewe camne ??
if ta dpt nak truskan stdy camne?? 
if ta dpt amek accountin' camne ??
sob sob sobbb
gelapnye mase depan :((

23 MAC 2011
will mean a lot to me !
i really dont want to knoe !!

Semoga nor elida bte zainuddin mendapat straight A's in SPM 2010 !


nur'aifaa said...

aminn .. gud luck , dear :)

ell♥ said...

tq sygggg :)))

tett :) said...

gudluckk systaa :)

ell♥ said...

tq so much adikk
gud luck jgk tau tauu <3